AKAI Professional go wireless with new controllers

Akai Professional are cutting the wires with their latest release.

DJs/producers have been shouting for wire-free operation for some time, in order to reduce the amount of cable clutter in the studio and/or on stage, but it hasn’t been something that has been tackled to a point where wireless operation is the norm.

With this in mind, Akai have release two new controllers: the LPD8 and the LPK25 Wireless Bluetooth MIDI controllers.

These two new portable controllers can fit easily into a laptop case or backpack and are battery powered for ease of use whilst out and about. The LPK25 Wireless is a twenty-five key MIDI Keyboard (the clue is in the name) whilst the LPD8 Wireless is an eight-pad MIDI Pad Controller.

The new controllers are perfect for connecting up to your iOS or computer based software for making music in the studio or out and about.

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