Hercules DJControl Instinct P8 is the latest incarnation of their popular compact controller. It boasts the same strengths as its predecessor. Featuring an ultra-instinctive layout, combined with a compact and robust design.

This all-in-one controller has built-in audio and essential mix and remix features. The DJControl Instinct P8 is simple and user friendly, only needing a computer (PC or Mac®) with a USB port to connect the controller, a set of speakers, headphones and music files for beginner DJs.

The DJControl Instinct P8 newest feature is remixing. DJs are able to boost their mix and performance with the 8 multicoloured pads and the latest version of DJUCED™ 40° professional DJ software. Combined with DJUCED 40°’s multilayer sampler, its 8 ergonomic and responsive pads enable DJs to produce highly creative remixes.

The DJControl Instinct P8 is comprised of a wealth of functions and features to ensure easy mixing for beginners. The many new features include: Effects controls and adjustments; dedicated Sync, Cue and Play/Pause buttons; separate modes on each deck; temporary Loop mode using the pads, or permanent Loop mode using the encoder; 3-band EQ; extended functions via the Shift button; detachable USB cable and more.

The DJControl Instinct P8 includes a built-in sound card with a dual stereo RCA output for mixing and a stereo 3.5 mm mini-jack output for headphones. With its USB MIDI/Audio compatibility, the DJControl Instinct P8 is also compatible with most available DJ software.

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