And so it begins. The quiet before the storm is well and truly over as Native Instruments announce the first of many new offerings that will be coming your way very, very soon.

Whilst there will be a new version of Traktor which everyone has been waiting for, Native have released a product that sits perfectly in the studio environment and seeing a pre-release version of the hardware and software, DJ Mag can tell you that this new release will be as innovative as Maschine was when it was first dropped on the masses.

Native have turned their attention away from the almighty groovebox that is Maschine and firmed up their Komplete software with a hardware device that will have producers creaming at the mouth.

The new Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards will bring together the world of Komplete with the all-new Komplete 10 on the horizo. This will be a match made in heaven. Software and hardware working in perfect harmony exactly as before with Maschine software and hardware.

Having got hands-on with the new keyboards, DJ Mag can safely say that the Kontrol S-Series will change the way that producers will make music — especially if they are already big into the Komplete software package. Komplete 10 is vast and has much more to offer — in fact, dare we say too much?! Combined with the new keyboards, Komplete really opens up into another dimension. The features that are on offer are truly mind-blowing.

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