Mine Modular Controller

Special waves design a new controller for DJs, producers and musicians.
Mine is designed for those DJs, producers and musicians who are looking for a highly customizable, expandable and reconfigurable product. Mine is a modular midi controller consisting of a case suitable for accommodating modules made of single electronic interfaces in order to offer the maximum flexibility in the creation of its configuration. Solutions available on the market today don’t always fulfill the user’s needs.


The Modules can be inserted into the case or removed at will so as to create a large number of possible configurations. At the moment the designed modules are six: pad, 2 buttons, pot, encoder, fader and blank.

Each module is made with a body of polymeric material that protects and covers the electronic components. The module is connected to the motherboard through small connectors under the module. These connectors enable the transfer of information between the individual interface modules and the motherboard of Mine.



Each module can be placed both in horizontal and vertical positions allowing for more flexibility of its use. For example, a fader can be placed in a vertical position in order to adjust volume of a channel or in a horizontal position and used as the cross-fader.




When inserting the modules, these are automatically blocked thanks to the two clips on the chassis, which are inserted into the slots on the motherboard. The modules become stable once inserted within the case and to remove them two special extractors have to be used to extract the clip.




Currently two versions are available: Mine and MineS. Mine consists of a matrix of 8×8 (rows columns), that allows the insertion of a maximum of 64 modules; while MineS is an 8×4 matrix and can accommodate up to 32 modules.
A standard USB port allows for connecting the controller to a PC/Mac and this is also used to power the controller. When you connect many modules with LEDs, the intensity of the LEDs might be less bright due to power draw from the USB hub. This is normal behavior. For this reason, we add a power supply connector that can be used to increase the light intensity of the LEDs when you consider the extra brightness appropriate.

Additional expansion ports are a nearby USB port, MIDI in & out and also a power supply plug; Mine has 2 more ports for expansion and MineS has 1 port for expansion.

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