Japanese tech mogul Korg has just announced its latest synthesizer. Introducing monologue.

The monologue is a refreshing edition of a monophobic synthesizer, featuring a built-in step sequencer that can record up to four knob movements and an OLED oscilloscope that visualizes sounds, drive, modulation and filter. The new addition runs with just six AA batteries and includes a specialized sync port that connects monologue to other Korg gear.

On top of that, the monologue comes with exciting microtuning abilities, allowing users to produce in line with self-made tuning other than standard music scales. Recognizing microtuning can be hard to grasp, it enlisted the help of Aphex Twin to create a handful of preset scales, sounds and sequences to play with. Yes, users will have the honor of producing with Richard D. James as a personal advisor.

Monologue also features motion sequencing with editing, on-the-fly transposition with key triggering and 16-step sequence retention for all 100 program locations.
The Korg monologue comes in five colors and will cost $300, ready for official release this January.


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